domingo, 18 de junio de 2006

El test de las cinco (XI)

Grouchy Smurf

You are 24 % Action Driven, 34% Interpersonal, 57% Street Smart, and 47% Artistic This test measured 4 variables.
First, this test measured if you place a higher value on words or actions. Both have their own advantages. For instance a skilled negotiator and a skilled firefighter both save lives.

Second, this test compared your intrapersonal and interpersonal intelligences. Simply put intrapersonal intelligence means you understand yourself, while interpersonal intelligence means you understand others.

Third, this test measured if you are more book smart or street smart. Book smart people may be more interested in a variety of topics, while street smart people focus on the most relevant information. Smurfette is very street smart, while Poet Smurf is not.

Fourth, this test measured if you prefer an artistic or functionalapproach to life. Artistic people may concentrate more on details and ambiance, while functional people focus on if it works. In this case Vanity Smurf would be considered Artistic while Hefty Smurf just wants to lift stuff up.

You are more word driven, more intrapersonal, more street smart, and less artistic.

You probably do not act grouchy, so let's find out why Grouchy Smurf is still the best Smurf for you!

Grouchy Smurf is all about using his words. Your attitude may be more upbeat than his, but you both understand that words can often be more effective than force. Grouchy Smurf is well aware of what he dislikes.
You also seem to know your own desires quite well.

Your score of street smart suggests that you are comfortable in new situations. Grouchy Smurf actually is as well. He's always ready with his "I hate..." line. He might not be happy, but he knows what he is doing. While you may appreciate art more than Grouchy does, you are both unlikely to go along with something that doesn't make sense to you.
Link: The Smurf Personality Test


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Baker Smurf
You are 52 % Action Driven, 70% Interpersonal, 57% Street Smart, and 70% Artistic.

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