domingo, 16 de julio de 2006

El test de las cinco (XV)

You scored 100% Evil Streak, 0% Self-Preservation, 66% Masculinity, and 33% Bruteness!

Congratulations! You are Piccolo!
You are Evil, Courageous, Masculine, and Intelligent.

You are one hot badass. Well, hot at least in your own culture circle. You have a very aloof demeanor, and while people see this, they still come to you for guidance, because you come off as a very intelligent person with a lot of "street smarts." While you aren't the person that usually gravitates towards being a leader, you actually have the best leadership personality of the bunch. You are able to outweigh pros and cons quickly and come to the best decision, not letting your feelings lead you astray.

There will be one thing however which is your weakness, something or someone that you care about more than yourself. Don't let this one thing cause you to sacrifice your own life.

The What DBZ Character are You? Test

Uh... Yuju?

(vale, no se me ocurre ningún personaje mejor, pero...)

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Joder, me ha tocado Videl... Bueno, Bulma hubiera sido peor.