domingo, 23 de julio de 2006

El test de las cinco (XVI)

Homeworld: Unknown (their origin is somewhere in the Delta Quadrant)

The Borg - the scourge of the universe. Their very name strikes fear into the hearts of species everywhere. An aggressive, ruthless species, they are single-minded in their pursuit for efficiency. The Borg believe that organic species are weak and seek to improve themselves by incorporating technology to become cyborgs. The Borg have no sense of individuality, instead having a hive mentality. As a Borg, you seek knowledge and power - you're also prepared to do whatever it takes to get these. You have no patience for frivolous things - what is the point of doing something if it isn't useful?
You also don't make friends easily. This is because you are convinced your way is the right way and you're aggressive enough to enforce your beliefs on everyone else - by force if necessary.

The Which Star Trek Species R U Test

La resistencia es fútil.

Sereis asimilados.


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3 comentarios:

Urui dijo...

You scored 53 % Aggressivness, 40 % Technology, and 46 % Social Enlightenment!

¿un klingon?

Sota dijo...

Bueno, teniendo en cuenta los resultados que me han salido en algunos de estos tests (que nunca colgaré aquí) tampoco es un resultado tan extraño lo del klingon, Urui.

(aunque la cresta sagital no te la he visto nunca, no...)

Urui dijo...

Es que en la frente no quedaba discreta y la cambiaron a un sitio más recogidito.

Si te portas bien igual la ves algún día.